The month of June has a reoccurring event.  FRESHMAN ORIENTATION.  There are five-six of these every year on Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 9:15pm til 11pm.  We have a table with a sign-up sheet, candy, students to chat with, flyers, etc.

This year Brian “Doc” Reed designed specific flyers for orientations and they look great.  Some CCFers looked at the stack and comment on how great they look, and then they ask me how many I had made.  I say, “153.”  Every time I say, “153” I feel a little strange.  Being a literal person (or just weird), I don’t even consider saying “150.”  Once one gets to 51 color copies the price drops, our flyers are three to a sheet, you see how that works out…  I’ve explained that a few times.

The morning after our first Orientation, I was reading and there it was… “153.”  Do you know where that number is in the Bible?  The morning of Peter’s Reinstatement (John 21), they were fishing.  The resurrected Jesus tells the fishermen to through their nets on the right side of the boat.  How many fish was it?  153 LARGE FISH!!

Unsure of how much God had to do with it (timing was pretty perfect though), I’m reminded that Jesus knows more than the smartest and most experienced of men.  So… would you join me in praying for 153 freshmen CCF can invest in at UNCW to be/make disciples and to impact the world.

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